With more than 20 years in business, we have worked with family-owned businesses in various sectors, all the way up to Fortune 500 and NGOs all around Europe and the middle-east area.

Why collaborating with us:

1Unique and refreshed approach in our interactions and solutions Hufix provides a unique approach in dealing with clients; we are modern and sassy yet professional and classy. We bridge our professional European education, knowledge and experience with our Middle Eastern heritage and culture to get you the best of both worlds. Hufix provides first-class global solutions while ensuring a local and tailor-made execution. 2Authentic, first-class experience with engaging human touch At Hufix, we highly value authentic relationships as one of the most indefinable, invaluable, and unquantifiable elements of a business. Adding intimacy into the equation is critical in building trusted relationships and it’s even more important in a digital busines world. Authenticity can’t be faked. We stay true to our company’s values and inject its personality into all touchpoints. Why? Because customers picked us for what we stood for and the brand experience that was promised. “People listen with their ears, but they hear with their emotions. Our job is to get people to stop listening and start hearing,” – David Neagle. 3Customer centricity and superb customer relationship management Attaining and maintaining our customers remains our top priority and is the guiding compass for everything we do. Hufix strategy and culture of doing business is focused on creating the best experience for our customers, and builds brand loyalty. Our Client-centric businesses model ensures that the customer is at the centre of our business's philosophy, operations and ideas. We aspire to build constructive, mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships with all customers. 4Sustainable and drive for positive change At Hufix, we adopt the triple bottom line which guides our focus on more than just profits, or the “bottom-line,” and also measure our environmental and social impact. These focuses can be referred to as “The three Ps”: people, planet, and profit. We fundamentally believe this sustainable approach to business ultimately boosts business performance. Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing profits or putting success on the backburner. Instead, it is a crucial element to our organization’s successful strategy. A business that doesn't factor in sustainability risks is less successful in several measures, including profitability, growth, and employee retention. By integrating sustainability into our business strategy, we find success because, rather than in spite, of sustainability. 5Diverse background and industry knowledge that allows us to match client’s needs with consultants’ skills Our approach to consulting is built around the concept of problem- finding and problem-solving activity with respect to the more complex, ill-structured issues being confronted by the organization. Our clients share some ideas around a gap in thinking or activity. It may be a gap in direction (Where should we expand or invest?), a gap in performance (How can we increase sales and reduce costs?), or a gap in understanding (How do we enter that market?). The sharing of possible problems leads to an engagement; as a result, a team with the right consulting skills is formed to address the situation. That’s being said, all our consultants demonstrate a great deal of mental agility, proactive behaviour, fast-thinking, leadership, confidence, well-articulation,analytical capacity, and team orientation as their main characteristics and skills. 6Simple, tailor-made and fit-for purpose solutions Combining the rational, logical instincts of the left brain with the passionate and artful skills of the right brain offers a leadership approach that is both highly effective and deeply inspirational. Our approach presents simple solutions on topics such as effective collaboration, achieving goals, leadership styles, team-building, inspiring people to succeed, and more. By breaking down complex problems into simple parts and solve them by using the right tools in conjunction with providing forthright, enthusiastic leadership. 7Agile approach in conducting business Similar to the fact that agile way of working can help teams deliver improvement on software development faster. In Hufix, we believe that agile transformation helps to have the equal effect on most areas of a business. The significance impact of the agile transformation is derived from the benefits and the step-change improvement our clients are aiming to realize going through this transformation journey. Agile transformation gives businesses a wide variety of benefits over time; These include boosting efficiency, Stronger communication & collaboration, becoming a simpler & more cost competitive organization etc. 8Enable competitive advantage through innovative solutions We firmly believe that innovation capability is the key productivity that creates competitive advantage by perceiving or discovering the new or better ways to compete in an industry and launch them into the market. In the long run, maintaining product innovation is the way to sustain competitive advantage and drive the growth of productivity for further competitiveness of the company. 9Sharp delivery focus combined with a can-do attitude Our hand-picked consultants possess deep conviction that anything can be done once they’ve set their mind to it. It’s more than mere optimism, though. Such a belief is combined with a motivation to work on accomplishing the goal or completing the task. A can-do attitude is a mindset. As such, it is profoundly ingrained into our psyche. Hufix delivery mindset is all about being 100% focused on cashing in on what has been put in place. It’s about being passionately driven to find out how good the performance can be with the foundation of preparation that has been created. 10Up-to-date with the latest business trends Hufix brings in all latest industry’s relevant trends and progressing insights to help your business stay ahead of the competition. Our customers recognize us as the pacesetter in technology’s deployment that enable them to stay ahead of the curve and seize market opportunities as they arise.
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‘We partner with you to identify your highest-value opportunities, address your most critical challenges, and transform your enterprises.
Together we discover and deliver your utmost potential.

Our Values and Competencies:

  • Force for positive change we deliver value in a form of tangible, positive and lasting impact.
  • Partnership a long-term view guides our relationships both internally and with clients.
  • Expanding the art of possible because it is not simply to apply best practice but also to create them.
  • Agility as a mindset to build competitive advantage and differentiated capabilities.
  • Integrity as an expression of courage and accountability.
  • Respect for the individuals and their desire for personal growth.
  • Diversity and inclusion of thought, expertise, experience and background.
  • Customer centricity we measure our success by our clients’ success.
  • Strategic perspective by enabling clients to deliver superior results in a sustainable manner.
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